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Is Zeta Clear A Scam?

Zeta Clear is nothing close to a scam. I have seen the product work miracles on my feet. After using the product I realized that this was a solution that gave what it promises. Moreover, Zeta Clear has become more of a vaccine for me. I had used it a couple of times and ever since I haven’t noticed any fungus in my toe nails. My finger nails were not affected. It was just the toe nails because I wear shoes that cover my feet most of the time.

nail fungus

The tropical heat and the sweat are the reasons why my feet get the fungus in the first place. I had been suffering with them for almost 2 years. Going barefoot on the beach was just not my thing. At one point I was even embarrassed to get a pedicure done. I tried several products before landing on Zeta Clear. I ordered from the official website and when the product arrived I was excited to use it. If you are wondering where to buy Zeta Clear then it is only available online.

The results were very satisfying for me. I started noticing the difference within a week. I applied it thrice a day just as it is mentioned. I did not want to take any chances by applying lesser than advised or more than what is mentioned. The applicator given was a great help.

Once a week when I stayed at home, I used to apply Zeta Clear and wrap my toes with a band aid. It actually did prove effective. I couldn’t do it on a daily basis though. I guess that would have made things almost spontaneous. But I am still happy with the results. If there is any Zeta Clear that didn’t work, it is probably from a scam site because the original product is extremely good and effective.